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Non-Invasive CGM Technology 

A new, non-invasive technology that facilitates continuous real-time blood glucose monitoring in a painless, sustainable, inexpensive manner. When used early as an early intervention to change lifestyle, it will assist in the prevention of the onset of diabetes, or its remission, and improve quality of life. 

AI based approach

BIOXENSOR uses Cardiff University’s patented resonance RF technology and a multi-sensor, AI-based approach to modulate for any artefacts to achieve accuracy comparable with market leading conventional continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

Blood Glucose



Early Detection

Heart Rate

Activity Tracker


Respiration Rate

Non Invasive CGM

At the heart of BIOXENSOR is a non-invasive, low power, resonant radio frequency (RF) sensor whose electronic drive circuit generates RF electromagnetic (EM) fields of tiny amplitudes which penetrate deep beneath the skin, allowing access to peripheral blood vessels. The subject wears the sensor discreetly, simply attached to the skin via adhesive, and there is no sensation other than touch. The interaction of the RF EM fields with blood is measured by the change of resonant properties of the RF sensor, allowing the prevailing glucose concentration to be measured by purely non-invasive, electronic means in real time, limited to once per minute but averaged over a much shorter time interval.

Communication Software

Our communication software uses both Bluetooth and Cloud servers to securely transfer data, run algorithms and display the results in real-time in a convenient manner on a smart phone. Data communications are optimised for maximum battery life using innovative hardware and software designs, with end-to-end encryption and GDPR/HIPPA compliance. The APP, backend and platform are designed to make user navigation both simple and intuitive.